10376334_770267106438697_7272911265111835646_nI was to meet him at his office at noon. I had only seen him once and wasn’t that impressed with the photo or the way he was talking to me and trying to convince me what an uber dom he was. He was 44, wealthy, business owner, self-proclaimed daddy dom who was very experienced. He asked for discretion for particular reasons and I was happy to oblige because I also needed discretion. We both agreed and understood. I had two previous failed attempts at meeting someone to have fun with. So I wasn’t even looking for a dominant but he was very persuasive and so I agreed. My instincts were telling me to go, go, go. So I listened.

I arrived on time, dressed to the nines, makeup done, nails done, hair perfect, etc. I always looked my best at all times. There’s power in that for women. Men appreciate it when you go the extra mile. Attention to detail is what sets me apart. I was instructed to walk in his office and lock the door behind me so I did. I walk in and am shocked because it wasn’t at all what I expected. The tiny office space with the shabby desk was nowhere to be seen. I am shocked by the marble floors, the board room where the elegant table and chairs are positioned, the stair case leading up to his office. I am impressed. I start my way up the stairs and when I get to the top I turn and we lock eyes. He’s taller than I imagined, and shockingly handsome. I knew he was 6’4 but he’s a thick, solid, well dressed, confident, man. I get wet instantly. He has water waiting on the table for me and pulls out my chair. I smile and I’m excited for what is to come. I am so happy I decided to meet him. My baby girl is jumping up and down with excitement.

He proceeds to grab his pen and look down at his notepad. He’s made a list of questions for me that also impresses me. I love a man with a plan. As I am answering his questions I see him look up and cocks his head to the side and looks so confused. It startles me a bit. Did I say something wrong? He starts clearing his throat and stuttering. I know now he’s impressed by me. I ask him “Am I different from what you imagined”? He responds yes and chuckles. I continue to talk to him and the conversation flows so effortlessly. His eyes start to wonder now that he’s done with his questions and I know now what is about to happen.

He pulls me on his lap and starts to rub me and pinch my nipples. He knows my fantasy is to be fucked on a desk by my boss and so he bends me over his huge, wooden desk and starts to rub my pussy from behind. I am soaking wet. He fucks me hard and deep and I cum all over his cock. He instructs me to clean it and so I do like a good girl. He tells me he never gives his cock at the first meeting and I threw him off his game. I like this statement. This is him admitting to relinquishing a bit of control. I smirk, he smirks, we lock eyes and he walks me to my car.


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